Who is ready some hilarious #hatespeech about #muslims with their Saturday off and Sunday roast? #tommyrobinson and #PeterMcLoughlin have put their brilliant minds together to tell us hate speech that is at least five years old at this point. Their new angle is that all Muslims are murderers and terrorists. Stop what you’re doing right now and pay attention to the fresh material of the book #mohammedskoran out now on amazon.

#PeterMcLoughlin has said on his site that Muslims are not allowed to read the book because we will realise the truth and literally be turned into killers. Didn’t you know? The Quran is actually an encrypted code meant to wake up all us sleeper agents to kill all non-muslims. I just read a copy of the Quran in Whsmith and I think i’m about to go Jason Bourne and take out everyone in this long ass queue with my Bic pen.

So who are these authors? Experts in Religious studies? Historians? Well, #tommyrobinson is a former leader of the EDL so I guess that qualifies him. The other dude taught in universities but doesn’t anymore? I wonder why with such great insights for the youth?

This book also claims to teach you an entire understanding of the Quran within minutes. It takes me up to an hour just to figure out the menu at wagamama so that is impressive. The conclusion you will come to upon reading this new, never heard before, controversial insight is that…Islam is war. (slow clap) It’s so dumb my mind is actually clawing it’s way out of my brain.

I think these authors missed the first word of the Quran which is #Iqrameaning ‘Read.’ It should be noted that you should read more than the Daily Mail. This sort of dumb is actually dangerous. This book is out on amazon and is going to continue to stoke hate under the pretence of revealing the truth when the book itself is compromised of links to other peoples vitriol. If they were as brave as they would like people to think why didn’t they write this book with one muslim and one non-muslim. That would show bravery on both sides trying to find an understanding which would be workable in a society that is always going to have mixed faiths and beliefs.
I expected better from authors who defended writing a book about Islam by saying that not only Nazi’s can write about being nazi’s. This from a former EDL leader. You can’t make this stuff up! I was going to call for the book to be banned as hate speech but maybe we could all just enjoy this edition to the Islamphobia catalogue as a comedy. It’s better than the last family guy season and is far too dumb to be taken seriously. #mohammedskoran #islamaphobia#hatespeech #islamaphobiaisfunnythesedays #sofunny #sodumb #amazon#hatespeechonamazon #islamaphobiacatolouge


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