Meet the man behind the works


Moment of Inspiration 

When Zakariya Gayle came to Islam he had a dream, and he woke up remembering a passage from the Qu’ran. It was from the 49th Chapter verse 13. ‘…and made you into peoples and tribes so you may know each other.’ Zakariya continues to be inspired by this in his works which encourage openness, unity through creativity and spirituality.

Facts about Zakariya

  • Zakariya Gayle, born in St Thomas’ Hospital London was originally Darius Gayle before changing his name in 2014.
  • With no brothers or sisters Zakariya is an Only child.
  • Has a small scar on his right hand, were he was bitten by a Dog at six years old.
  • When he was 11 he threw away all his action figures.
  • Zakariya got a D in G.C.S.E English Literature and Language.

Influences: Will smith, Paulo Coleho, Yayoi Kusama, Jim Carrey, Kanye west, Justin Timberlake.

Favourite Films: Indian Jones the Temple of Doom, Jurassic Park, Wall-E, Terminator 2, Die hard, Ghost.